Birthday Parties with Exclusive Hire

Birthday Parties with Exclusive Hire

Celebrate your birthday in style this year with our limo hire limousines. Our limousines are well-maintained and spaced for you and your family and friends. When you limo hire at Exclusive Hire, you are guaranteed to get a sleek looking limousine, ready for travel and fitted with the essential amenities. Our limousines are designed in such a way that you will have enough space to hold a small party inside the limo as you travel. For birthday parties, we also decorate the limo with balloons as you celebrate your special day.

Birthday Surprise Parties

We also provide innovative surprise party ideas to our customers. If you are looking for party ideas, our expert team will be happy to help you out with that. The Lamborghini hire UK, Baby Bentley hire, Hummer hire are some of the supercar hire Manchester rides which are popular among limousine riders. Our limousines are well-maintained and are always punctual to pick you up. Inside the limousine, you will be able to enjoy a party with your friends, surrounded by a booming audio system and amazing TV.

Chauffeured Service

When you ride with us, you do not have to worry about the driving part of the ride as our professional chauffeurs will take care of it. They will take you to and from your destination without any issue. They will also be able to render good support as you ride along. Our Exclusive Hire company also offers our customers a complimentary drink that you can enjoy during your ride.

Prom Rides with Exclusive Hire

The Rolls Royce hire for prom are also common rides that are made available for going to the prom with your date or your friends. To make pickups and drop-offs easy, we have also included multiple pickups and drop-offs option for you and your friends to make use of. Take advantage of the various features that are available to you for supercar hire Manchester. Make your prom night memorable by taking a ride with us in our Rolls Royce hire for prom and you will not forget a moment of it.

Call Us Today to Book Your Ride

To book the Rolls Royce hire for prom or the Lamborghini hire UK for special events and occasions, give us a call today at 0794 314 4777. You can also reach us on our website You will find a plethora of cars ready for limo hire at our website and you can choose the limousine or supercar that you wish to ride. If you are looking for a car to drive, you can also make use of our self-drive hire option and pick a daring ride for your trip with friends or family. Choose either of the supercar hire Manchester and you will enjoy a ride of fun and excitement. You can also ask for a quote online and you will be pleasantly surprised by the rates at which we offer our limo hire services.

DrivingLuxury Cars like Audi R8

 Audi R8 Hire 

Do you want to move in style? Do you want to be seen in luxury? Then, Audi R8 hire is the one to choose. Transport is complete when you have a beautiful vehicle to travel in. The luxury limousines can be rented, to take you around in style.

The Audi R8 is a two-seater that is made for two special people to travel. It has two doors and will take you through various spots in luxury. The 4.2-litre V8 Engine speaks about power when you drive it around. The stylish exterior is one of the most endearing factors about the model. Limo hire provides you with high-quality cars to make your drive most memorable. With Audi r8, you are provided with safe travel. Limousines at limo hire speak not only about comfort but it also provides you with safe travel. Audi r8 is a trusted brand in cars and your travel will be safe. All our vehicles have engines in excellent running condition. We have chauffeurs who are professional in their work and professional in their look. They will take you out in their official uniforms with impeccable behavior which will make you feel like royalty. We provide Audi r8 hire and Audi q7 limo hire price as per request and requirement. Just book in advance.

Other luxury models at limo hire that we boast about are Bentley hire, Hummer hire, Bugatti hire, Rolls Royce Hire, Nissan GTR rental, etc. We make sure that our customers are satisfied with our vehicles when they use them for travel purposes. Enjoy your party with a party bus which accommodates more people. If it is a business meeting, you can provide the right atmosphere within the comforts of our limousines. You can escort your business clients to the meeting and from the meeting to create a good impression. If it is a weekend stay, you can add luxury to your stay with our limo rental vehicles to give you a comfortable and safe travel.

You should have a look inside these limousines to really believe what we say. Each vehicle is fitted with the latest equipment. You will be provided with all the facilities to make your party a success. They are fitted with LCD televisions and a superior sound system. The seats are made of high-quality leather. You will not feel a jerk while traveling, as our vehicles will almost make you float through the air. The Audi r8 hire is a great way to enjoy the rich way of living. It is easily affordable and makes the trip most memorable. You will have to book in advance, to get the luxury cars available when you require it, as they are usually in demand and are booked in advance by clients. Everybody loves a luxury car to show the world the luxurious lifestyle you live in. Just ask for Audi q7 limo hire price and you will be astonished at the reasonable rates quoted.

If you have a wedding to celebrate, a birthday party for your kids or a party celebration with your friends, you will love our limousines that speak about luxury and splendor.

Dutch Ovens

Dutch Ovens

The term Dutch oven is as unknown to many as is a double boiler. A Dutch oven, however, is not a mysterious object; rather, it is quite a simple means of cooking delicious food. Cooks employ Dutch ovens when they want to cook foods over a long period of time yet retain a lot of moisture. Two such methods include braising and stewing.

Dutch ovens are wide, flat-bottom dishes with high sides, tight fitting lids, and one small handle on each side of the dish. They can be found in both round and oval shapes. The oval can be good for cooking meats that are long and skinny, like pork tenderloin. The high sides and snug lid trap in steam, creating a moist cooking environment. This construction sounds very similar to that of a stock pot (which makes sense due to the desired element of moisture in each one) but Dutch ovens are typically made of cast iron, whereas stockpots are typically made of aluminium, stainless steel, and copper. 

Cast iron is a common choice for Dutch ovens because it retains and distributes heat well. Dutch oven cooking methods, like braising meats and stewing vegetables, typically require long periods of time over low heat, and cast iron is perfect for this. Dutch ovens are typically rather large, and when made of cast iron, are quite heavy.

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Casserole Dishes

Casserole Dishes

A casserole dish derives its name from the meal traditionally cooked inside it, also known as a casserole. A casserole typically includes some combination of meat, vegetable, rice or pasta, and creamy liquid. Casserole dishes have other uses besides making casseroles; you can roast vegetables, bake potatoes, and make stuffing in them.

The variety of colours, shapes, and materials used for casserole dishes may be the widest assortment of any type of cookware. Some casseroles cleverly incorporate a certain type of animal in the shape of their lid, and others decorate the base with patterns and designs. The basic premise of all casserole dishes, however, is an oval shaped, deep dish with straight sides, two handles, and a tight-fitting lid. Most casserole dishes are both heat-proof and attractive enough to go straight from your oven to the table. This is the very convenient, because casseroles are hard to cut and serve aesthetically in way other than straight from the dish. 

Casserole dishes can be found in a variety of materials, including ceramic, glass, metal, stoneware, and any other heat-proof material. Glass may not be the best heat conductor, but it does prevent the edges of your casserole from burning. Glass is also dishwasher safe, which saves a lot of time scrubbing off little bits of food that have stuck to the pan. Glass has an additional benefit in that you can see the cooking progress of the bottom layers of your casserole, which you cannot do with any other casserole dish material. Ceramic styles are non-porous, meaning they resist absorbing moisture, odours and tastes. Check the bottom of ceramic dishes as it should state whether or not they are dishwasher and microwave safe. Glass and ceramic are both very strong and durable materials. Equally as durable is cast iron, which can be found with or without an enamel coating. Both are excellent conductors of heat, but the enamelled versions may look prettier on your table, as they come in a wide range of colours. 

Casserole dishes come in various sizes determined by the amount of liquid they can hold. Because you will most likely use your casserole dish pretty frequently, it is worth investing in two or more different sizes.

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Lobster is one of natures best food. Lobster meat is a popular low-fat diet and protein that contains important omega-3 fatty acids. Consuming a diet made up of fresh seafood have been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke. It also improves neurological functioning and the eyes.

Lobster is delicious and easy to prepare. It can be cooked, steamed, grilled and roasted. Fresh lobster lovers agree that the best way to get the best flavor of this juicy meat is by starting with a live Lobster. Usually, you can get a live lobster from a big local grocery store. If you are lucky enough and stay near the ocean, you can go and buy the fresh lobster off the docks. However, the best way to ensure that you get the freshest lobster is by purchasing it from dozens of lobster companies that directly buy from boats returning with their harvest or who have harvested lobsters using their boats.


There are many factors that you have to consider before you go and buy your lobsters.  Below are some useful information that can help you decide the best and juiciest of all lobsters. Continue reading to find out.


When you see a lobster, just by mere looking at it, you have the feeling that some of them will be the right choice, but unfortunately, the color of the lobster does not matter. A common misconception is that lobsters are bright red, but the fact is they do not become red until they are cooked, and as regards the color, most experts say they have no effect on lobster flavor.

However, other factors count. For example, you will know if it’s not fresh and has been in the tank for a while if it is weak. Their claws also tend to shrink if it’s no longer fresh. When you buy a lobster, try to pull its tail straight, if it does not curl up, it means it’s simply not fresh and should not be purchased. On the other hand, if the lobster puts up a fight by raising its claws, it means the lobster its a fresh catch.


One of the easiest methods for you to know which lobster has more meat is by measuring its carapace. It is the distance between the eye and the beginning of the lobster tail. A 1½ lbs of lobster is 1 1/3 cups of meat. Male lobsters tend to have larger claws, while females have fleshy tails. For you to know this, inspect the lobster claws; Males have stiff claws and thick and soft ones for female.


Local supermarkets are not the best place to find fresh lobster rather seafood Store may be the best. You can even buy lobster online. You can search online and find fresh and live lobsters to be delivered to your doorstep.


The secret of cooking lobsters is not just to murder them. Give them a nice slow, respectable release. Do not put them in boiling water and don’t drown them in too much water. Cooking them in a large amount of water reduces their flavor, and also too much water, waterlogs them.

  • Put in two inches of water, whether you are cooking two lobsters or 14.
  • Take a container of salt and with the spout open pour it three times around the pot, then, plop! At the end (about three teaspoons).
  • When the water boils, add the fish (lobsters), put the lid on, and steam them for 20 minutes.
  • When done, draw up your butter and serve with a dish of vinegar as well.
  • Carefully remove the pot of lobsters with tongs. Always be careful because they are very hot. Set in a large bowl for five minutes to cool before cracking. Once the Lobster is cooked, break it open and savor the fresh, delicious meat.


Lobster is cooked when the shell is completely red. When the lobster is cooked properly, the meat is creamy white all the way through –no transparent parts. Cooked Lobster is beautiful.


Lobster can be added to soup or salad and is usually served with corn, potatoes, green beans, peas, carrots, asparagus or black beans. Other seafood that goes well with lobster include; scallops, salmon, and shrimp. Risotto, rice and pasta dishes enhance the taste of lobster. To finish the meal, a light dessert, such as sponge cake or a sherbet, makes an excellent complement to a lobster.

Stainless Steel Cooking Equipment

Stainless steel is an extremely popular choice for cookware due to its many advantages. Unlike aluminium, stainless steel does not react with any type of food and thus does not pit easily. Stainless steel, which is actually a combination of many metals, is also quite sturdy, preventing scratches and dents. At the same time, stainless steel is light, especially in comparison with cast iron. As its “stainless” name implies, stainless steel naturally resists corrosion. All of the qualities above make stainless steel one of the best choices for everyday cooks.


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One drawback to stainless steel, however, is that it does not conduct heat as well as many of its counterparts. Many higher quality companies, however, have introduced a line of pots and pans that mix a layer of stainless steel and a layer of copper or aluminium, allowing it to conduct heat well. These pots and pans may be a bit more expensive than the all stainless-steel items, but are a better choice for those who desire more accurate cooking. 

Most stainless steel cookware lines come in both non-stick and regular options. These non-stick coatings prevent the cooked food from sticking to the surface of the pan, making clean-up considerably easier. Many every-day cooks adore this benefit, but there are a few drawbacks to non-stick coatings. First of all, they cannot be used with high heat because it will cause the coating to crack or breakdown and therefore cannot go into the oven. Secondly, although non-stick pans have dramatically improved since they were first introduced nearly fifty years ago, most non-stick layers inevitably flake or crack after a few years, no matter how well you take care of the pan. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has tested non-stick coatings, however, and says if flakes are ingested, they will pass through the body without causing any harm.

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Copper Cooking Equipment

Pity on the naïve customer who buys a set of copper cookware because it is the prettiest on the shelf (and they usually are, by far). Copper has many excellent advantages for cookware, but a few important drawbacks to consider as well.

One of copper’s best benefits for cookware is that it is an excellent conductor of heat, meaning that pots and pans will heat quickly, cool down quickly, and distribute heat to food inside evenly. These qualities are what chefs look for in cookware because they produce the desired results, giving heat or taking heat away from the food exactly when the chef wants. Professional chefs who need to accurately control temperature (for delicate sauces, for example) frequently choose copper because of its conductive ability.

You will almost always see copper pots and pans lined with tin or stainless steel because copper itself reacts with food. This reaction allows copper to easily be absorbed into food and when ingested, can cause nausea. If the pan is lined with tin or stainless steel, you do not need to worry about this. As good copper pots and pans will last an extremely long time, the pan may need to be re-tinned before it wears out. Copper is valued for its strength and durability. 

One of the biggest downsides to copper is its need of polishing to maintain its brilliant shine. Copper easily oxidizes, or turns brassy looking, when exposed to air and moisture. Although there are many ways to polish copper, including pastes and homemade solutions, this required effort is something to consider before purchasing copper pots and pans. Washing copper in warm, soapy water and immediately towel drying afterwards will lengthen the time between required polishings.

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Cast Iron Cooking Equipment

Cast iron has a long history in cookware as it was one of the first materials used to make pots, pans, and other cooking tools. Cast iron is extremely efficient at absorbing and retaining heat; you will notice that even when you clean the cast iron with hot water, the iron will become hot.


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There are a number of excellent reasons to choose cast iron cookware. It is extremely strong and durable so it will last you a very long time. Cast iron lends itself particularly well to frying pans, Dutch ovens, and braising pans because it conducts and absorbs heat so well. In addition, with unglazed cast iron pans, a significant amount of iron can be absorbed by the food. This added nutrient is actually a great thing for your body. 

One trade-off with cast iron’s durability is its weight; these pans are quite heavy. This quality might be a factor to consider for some customers. 
You can find cast iron cookware with or without an enamelled coating. Cast iron without the coating is very rustic looking and extremely inexpensive; cast iron with the enamelled coating appeals aesthetically to more people and can come in a variety of colours, but is more expensive. Enamelled cast iron has the additional benefit of being primarily stain and scratch resistant when compared with other materials, such as aluminium and stainless steel. 

For uncoated cast iron, you need to determine whether the cookware comes pre-seasoned or not. Seasoning is an important step that prevents the cookware from reacting with foods and absorbing their flavours and odours. If the cookware does not come pre-seasoned, it is very simple to do at home; you basically bake it in the oven with a layer of olive oil. Enamelled cast iron does not require seasoning, as the enamel seals it. 

Cast iron pans require different cleaning methods than your other pans. You should never use soap or harsh detergents when cleaning; hot water will suffice. The pan should be towel dried immediately after washing and frequently sprayed with a light cooking oil to maintain its seasoning.

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Aluminium Cooking Equipment

Some studies estimate that half of all cookware produced is made out of aluminium. This preponderance is most likely due to the fact that aluminium is a relatively inexpensive metal that conducts heat well. Conductivity is an extremely important quality in cooking; the pan made from metal that conducts heat better will heat up and cool down more quickly than others, resulting in more accurate cooking results.

One downside to aluminium is that it can react to acidic foods, like lemon juice, and cause tiny pits to form on the surface of the pan. Most companies producing higher-quality cookware, however, treat their aluminium so that it does not react with acidic foods and is more scratch-resistant than aluminium alone. Many companies use the term “anodized aluminium” when referring to aluminium treated this way. 

Although you may have heard rumours and news hype suggesting exposure to aluminium causes Alzheimer’s disease, there are no studies to prove this is true. Furthermore, processes like anodizing prevent the aluminium from reacting with foods, so less is absorbed by the food. 

In purchasing aluminium pans, many have the option of a non-stick lining. These non-stick coatings prevent the cooked food from sticking to the surface of the pan, like what happens when sautéing chicken breasts and cooking rice. Non-stick pans can certainly make clean-up easier. Many cooks swear by non-stick pans because of this everyday benefit, but there are a few drawbacks to non-stick coatings. First of all, they cannot be used over high heat because it will cause the coating to crack or breakdown and therefore cannot go into the oven. Secondly, although many companies claim the opposite, the coating seems to shorten the life of a pan, inevitable flaking or cracking after a few years. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has tested non-stick coatings, however, and says if flakes are ingested, they will pass through the body without causing any harm. 

Whether you decide to choose non-stick aluminium coated pans or not (and there are professionals dividedly equally on both sides of the debate), choosing a heavy-duty, thick aluminium pan that feels extremely sturdy (note the connection between the pan and the handle), will provide you with a longer-lasting pan that distributes heat evenly to the food.

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Cooking Equipment

Cooking Equipment

Welcome to Cooking Equipment, a guide to cookware and other cooking equipment. We have all of the information that you will need when choosing the right cookware and we also display products from the top cookware shops on all of our pages with images and the cheap deals first. So this makes it very easy to find and buy cheap cookware and also cheap cookware that is of a very high quality.

Today, professional chefs and everyday cooks have a load of options in choosing cookware. Besides choosing the correct shape pot or pan for the task at hand, each one typically comes in a variety of metals, and within each metal choice lays the choice of non-stick or regular.

The most common metal choices in cookware include aluminium, stainless steel, cast iron, and copper.

Copper is the best heat conductor, ensuring food cooks evenly. Because it quickly heats and cools according to its heat source, copper is an excellent choice for cooking delicate, heat-sensitive dishes such as sauces. However, copper requires time and effort to maintain its brilliant shine.

Cast Iron may be the oldest form of cookware available today. It is extremely sturdy, will last for a lifetime, and is very inexpensive. Cast iron can be found with or without an enamel coating.

Aluminium is a good heat conductor, but can react with acidic foods, so it commonly treated, or “anodised” so that it doesn’t. Aluminium frequently comes with the option of a non-stick coating, which can be extremely beneficial for clean-up but cannot go over high heat or into the oven.

Stainless Steel is relatively inexpensive but does not conduct heat as well as aluminium, although an everyday cook may not notice a difference. Stainless steel is praised for its sturdiness and corrosion resistance. In addition, stainless steel does not react to acidic foods.

Basic pots and pans that chefs and cooks will use repeatedly throughout the week include sauce pans, sauté pans, stockpots, frying pans, casserole dishes, steamers, griddles, and perhaps even Dutch ovens and pressure cookers. More specialty cookware can include paella pans, fish kettles, woks, roasting pans, egg poachers, and preserving pans.

A quality set of cookware and kitchen knives will make cooking immensely more enjoyable and efficient, as well as making the product of your effort better. In addition, spending slightly more for a higher-scale set will save you money in the long run, as superior cookware and cutlery will last many, many years.

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