Cast Iron Cooking Equipment

Cast iron has a long history in cookware as it was one of the first materials used to make pots, pans, and other cooking tools. Cast iron is extremely efficient at absorbing and retaining heat; you will notice that even when you clean the cast iron with hot water, the iron will become hot.


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There are a number of excellent reasons to choose cast iron cookware. It is extremely strong and durable so it will last you a very long time. Cast iron lends itself particularly well to frying pans, Dutch ovens, and braising pans because it conducts and absorbs heat so well. In addition, with unglazed cast iron pans, a significant amount of iron can be absorbed by the food. This added nutrient is actually a great thing for your body. 

One trade-off with cast iron’s durability is its weight; these pans are quite heavy. This quality might be a factor to consider for some customers. 
You can find cast iron cookware with or without an enamelled coating. Cast iron without the coating is very rustic looking and extremely inexpensive; cast iron with the enamelled coating appeals aesthetically to more people and can come in a variety of colours, but is more expensive. Enamelled cast iron has the additional benefit of being primarily stain and scratch resistant when compared with other materials, such as aluminium and stainless steel. 

For uncoated cast iron, you need to determine whether the cookware comes pre-seasoned or not. Seasoning is an important step that prevents the cookware from reacting with foods and absorbing their flavours and odours. If the cookware does not come pre-seasoned, it is very simple to do at home; you basically bake it in the oven with a layer of olive oil. Enamelled cast iron does not require seasoning, as the enamel seals it. 

Cast iron pans require different cleaning methods than your other pans. You should never use soap or harsh detergents when cleaning; hot water will suffice. The pan should be towel dried immediately after washing and frequently sprayed with a light cooking oil to maintain its seasoning.

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